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Fantasy Focus Live! MNF Recap

Fantasy Focus Live! MNF Recap

დღის წინ

Fantasy Focus Live! Week 14 Recap

Fantasy Focus Live! Week 14 Recap

2 დღის წინ

  1. The ManDragon

    The ManDragon8 წამის წინ

    Out of all the great stufff he’s done. The greatest is keeping his side pieces quite. Where are his side bitches at dooo?

  2. SamYG

    SamYG10 წამის წინ

    Imagine being a hater and still clicking on and watching the entire video 😂🤡🤡

  3. Samual Johnson

    Samual Johnson12 წამის წინ

    We don't believe you lol

  4. Alpha

    Alpha41 წამის წინ

    Everybody cant go to the Lakers and Clippers lol

  5. Big Bucks

    Big Bucks47 წამის წინ

    Yo Stephen Adams in Boston 🔥🔥🔥

  6. ASDFGHJKL dfghjhgcgyuigfyuij

    ASDFGHJKL dfghjhgcgyuigfyuij47 წამის წინ

    why’s he crying like a beeeeeaaaaaccchhhhh?

  7. Fosi-Fondanwi Ajene

    Fosi-Fondanwi Ajene52 წამის წინ

    Immovable object, unstoppable force*

  8. NesDogg

    NesDoggწუთის წინ

    Meh....they will be allowed to get away with it again. Apparently they’ve been doing this for a long time & NOTHING was done.

  9. Randy benton

    Randy bentonწუთის წინ

    Good thing the lights didn’t go out. Then all you could see was his teeth. Jesus people have lost their fucking minds!

  10. Sharita Reynolds

    Sharita Reynoldsწუთის წინ

    His suit is messing with my mind

  11. Bill Nigh II

    Bill Nigh IIწუთის წინ

    Yal love good stories so much. This is TV.... Entertainment. Did you see 1 tear ? When u cry runs down ya face. I know ya like the story but at least love it more when it's REAL

  12. D-Lo_337

    D-Lo_337წუთის წინ

    The Grizzlies shouldn't have never traded Rudy Gay. He was the missing piece for their starting lineup. PG: Mike Conely SG: Tony Allen SF: Rudy Gay PF: Zach Randolph C: Marc Gasol In my opinion, with that starting 5; the Golden State era wouldn't have never happened.

  13. Dart Boyz

    Dart Boyzწუთის წინ

    It’s molly dude

  14. Alon Suberi

    Alon Suberi2 წუთის წინ

    SAS too classy, I would put 1. Molly 2. Qerim 3. Whatever name she had before it changed. 4. Her 5. The one in the middle

  15. Fitness information

    Fitness information2 წუთის წინ

    They should make the nba finals and win a championship

  16. ninjedi

    ninjedi2 წუთის წინ

    summary: "i left coz im angry"

  17. EyeLoveTheStars

    EyeLoveTheStars2 წუთის წინ

    Haven't been a D Rose fan since he went down. He's boring to watch now. I actually forgot Rose was in the league. 😂

  18. mrdean55

    mrdean552 წუთის წინ

    Jalen is singing a different tune now 😂😂😂😂

  19. Erik C

    Erik C2 წუთის წინ

    Love hearing max defend his mediocrity when Brady ever plays less than MVP level, he fell off a cliff and he’s done😂

  20. Mic Sustianevo

    Mic Sustianevo2 წუთის წინ

    Tuck Rule Karma: Go Raiders!!!!!

  21. Jeremy Krause

    Jeremy Krause2 წუთის წინ

    Max was so excited when he heard about this.

  22. Ben K-C

    Ben K-C2 წუთის წინ

    Week 14 was epic.

  23. Taylor Orzechowski

    Taylor Orzechowski3 წუთის წინ

    Iggy to the bucks! You heard it here first.

  24. Michael

    Michael3 წუთის წინ

    Anyone who says the Patriots didn't need to cheat because they're already a great team, did they ever stop to wonder that MAYBE the reason they're so good is because they knew all the opponents plays before the snap? They only got caught twice but maybe they've always done it.

  25. Spider Sense

    Spider Sense3 წუთის წინ

    For some reason I feel like the Patriots are being set up

  26. Hardcore Raider

    Hardcore Raider4 წუთის წინ


  27. Jeremy Howard

    Jeremy Howard4 წუთის წინ

    Tim Bradley has taken way to many shots smh he out his fucking mind if he think Floyd losing to Crawford smh Crawford could possibly lose to a old Pac-Man how he gone beat Floyd.... smh

  28. Thomas McCarty

    Thomas McCarty4 წუთის წინ

    Marcus' face the entire time Dan was talking was amazing.

  29. Jie Ping Schee

    Jie Ping Schee4 წუთის წინ

    Doesn't mind the regular season MVP. He can win the Finals MVP.

  30. Tru 602

    Tru 6024 წუთის წინ

    I’m offended because IM SICK WITH THE FLU DYING 😩👎🏾🤧

  31. Flock_ 416

    Flock_ 4164 წუთის წინ

    Ja will be the best player out of the 2019 draft when it’s all said and done

  32. J Z

    J Z4 წუთის წინ

    No but maybe they were supposed to lose so he threw the game .??

  33. King Bo

    King Bo4 წუთის წინ

    When a white man does something wrong Everyone is all of a sudden blind. Let this had been anyone else and they would be talking about taking Super Bowl rings back

  34. Wraith Black

    Wraith Black4 წუთის წინ

    Dan as a football mind sucks

  35. Gee Wehye

    Gee Wehye4 წუთის წინ

    If giannis goes to the Knicks I'll lose all respect for myself and the nba in all

  36. Jie Ping Schee

    Jie Ping Schee4 წუთის წინ

    Stay healthy. Longevity is the key to his greatness eventually

  37. amos markos

    amos markos5 წუთის წინ

    I think Stephen got flak for liking Rodgers too much so now he's trying to hate a Wisconsin player to balance it out.

  38. Dennis Cephus

    Dennis Cephus5 წუთის წინ

    Wow. I'm really surprised. I watched this clip b4 I read what Kyrie said. Then I went back and read it. All he said was that real life and spirituality are more important than a game which is true and he also said the way yall promote the game as drama isn't how it shld be. 🤷🏿‍♂️ then to see yall act like he was trippin kinda proves his point.

  39. Luzvi Batingan

    Luzvi Batingan5 წუთის წინ

    where is Miss Rachel Nichols 😍

  40. 36 Savage

    36 Savage5 წუთის წინ


  41. Mr. James

    Mr. James5 წუთის წინ

    I like the Marcus Smart Tony Allen comparison...

  42. QueenFanPiper62

    QueenFanPiper625 წუთის წინ


  43. TheKingofKings2272

    TheKingofKings22725 წუთის წინ

    I love Tom Brady and respect the Patriots and I don’t think you can take away what Brady did because I don’t believe you can cheat that! But Bill has to go bruh. Too many instances at this point that they’ve been caught and even at Patriot home games you got the away teams radios going out it’s like come on man. You’re already the smartest coach in the league one of the greatest talent fingers out there why you gotta cheat??

  44. Rays n Sox

    Rays n Sox6 წუთის წინ

    Oh boy here we go again

  45. Shawn Moultrie

    Shawn Moultrie6 წუთის წინ

    Good list 🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿

  46. TheLuigiex50

    TheLuigiex506 წუთის წინ

    All these new england fans pissed. You guys cheat and you get caught. But no matter what you still win and you receive little peneltaies because of the cheating. SVP is right considering what could happen you guys should be happy.

  47. cranny07

    cranny076 წუთის წინ

    Lebron wants that revenge win on Christmas Day, he’s not gonna say that but you know he wants to treat it like it’s not just the regular season. I expect Lakers to be fired up.

  48. Chad Schaffer

    Chad Schaffer6 წუთის წინ

    That's funny

  49. Franks

    Franks6 წუთის წინ

    How much of belechiks advanced defense is actually just hard homework of deciding play calls based of cheating?

  50. Jowey De La Nota

    Jowey De La Nota7 წუთის წინ


  51. Dilwale cricket

    Dilwale cricket7 წუთის წინ

    Say what you want but go watch the Greenbay game. His wr dropped atleast 2 wide open TD They much rather be partying on the boat. Eli wasn't given elite talent when he had decent talent they won. And forget this year usually nfc east is tough competitive division. Look at rivers Eli won twice and made huge plays. He is definitely a HOF but he never played with another HOF te, rb or wr. Ben and rivers have had elite HOF level offensive weapons

  52. EyeLoveTheStars

    EyeLoveTheStars7 წუთის წინ

    Tom Brady is a fraud. The dynasty is a sham.

  53. Ricardo Cook

    Ricardo Cook7 წუთის წინ

    I'm very curious is Stephen a Smith would have the same position at the Dallas cowboys were cheating as much as the Patriots

  54. Shawn Moultrie

    Shawn Moultrie7 წუთის წინ

    The Knicks and Browns are in the running for worse franchise over the last two decades.

  55. Granpa King

    Granpa King7 წუთის წინ

    I know LeBron James can't stay with one team and be a great champion he always jump from team to team looking for an opportunity to win titles and be the best how can you call yourself the best in the world going up against the legends that stayed with one team and dominated you're not in the same class love you my brother but this is not what true domination is keep popping around bunny LeBron James

  56. Kam Washington

    Kam Washington7 წუთის წინ

    What about D-rose dropping 50 for the twolves?

  57. Rolls Royce

    Rolls Royce7 წუთის წინ

    Dammm.if they really need to spy on the Bengals they must really have zero confidence..... 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  58. asap barack

    asap barack7 წუთის წინ

    At 3:00 PAUSE

  59. BiggyJ

    BiggyJ7 წუთის წინ

    Thank you Rachel for covering other teams outside of the most popular ones

  60. Urassnface 1

    Urassnface 18 წუთის წინ

    I'm a fan. I honestly don't care. Gambling is now legal in wider aspects of professional sports. That is what is keeping Pete Rose out of the HOF. The 2003 or 2004 NBA Finals was apparently rigged and swayed by an official who blew the whistle on the whole operation eventually and the league said he was a crazy lone agent. Don't talk about integrity of an industry that will milk the youth from you but as soon as you're done those same individuals could care less about your wellbeing (CTE). It's something very old school gangster anout this whole ordeal and I love it. Instead of flinching just accept responsibility in your involvement and then say, What are you Really going to do about it? That's all. Vince Lombardi himself had been questioned about what would be considered compromising to the integrity of succes and he pretty much said I do what I have to. I love all the naysayers and haters coming out of their garbage teams mindset and record to speak so adamantly about this situation that came our of the blue but usually they are on 🤐🤫 when it comes to NE. And where are our fans at? Don't let these clowns rip us and not hit them back in the face. Support your team.

  61. April LaCour

    April LaCour8 წუთის წინ

    2k curse

  62. David Rosales

    David Rosales8 წუთის წინ

    ESPN OUTSIDE THE LINES ARTICLE SPYGATE WAS WAY WORSE THAN REALIZED explains how CHEATRIOTS cheat & why they haven't been caught their quoting that article

  63. SuperJohn12354

    SuperJohn123549 წუთის წინ

    If you think Eli is a better clutch QB than Brady, Montana, Rodgers or Farv , then you need to buy a calculator cause your maths wrong

  64. Timothy Scott

    Timothy Scott9 წუთის წინ

    I think the Patriots should be stripped of their titles! That's fair. Bellichick should be removed and banned from the NFL. If you suspend and ban a player for punching out a lady, then cheating to win a championship is a no brainer.

  65. jose sanchez

    jose sanchez9 წუთის წინ

    It all started at the "Tuck Rule"

  66. Debts Without Regret

    Debts Without Regret9 წუთის წინ

    I agree with S.A.S fa real

  67. Robert Manders

    Robert Manders9 წუთის წინ

    Just like Michigan, eh Dez?

  68. tony v

    tony v9 წუთის წინ

    Belicheck needs to be banned from the league. If a player was caught doping this many times they would be banned why shouldnt the same standard be applied to a head coach?

  69. Tally Kimble

    Tally Kimble9 წუთის წინ

    I think Mark Jackson would be a good fit

  70. Tysayah Mcdonald

    Tysayah Mcdonald10 წუთის წინ

    Grow older 😂😂😂😂😂

  71. Pinche Guy

    Pinche Guy10 წუთის წინ

    Is this guy like the Eagles version of Will Cain ?

  72. shaolin1200

    shaolin120010 წუთის წინ

    He should get it but the season ain’t over yet

  73. King Che

    King Che10 წუთის წინ

    I like how he said everyone on the team is a MVP

  74. Askar Bizak

    Askar Bizak10 წუთის წინ

    hello my name is Marcus Smart and I do not agree with this statement

  75. Parker Davis

    Parker Davis10 წუთის წინ

    Steven A really isn’t in sports so why he on the list

  76. DaevonTheSavage

    DaevonTheSavage10 წუთის წინ

    My dad is a Patriots fan and I called his team cheaters during the chiefs game and then the very next day, CAUGHT CHEATING FOR THE 12,967TH TIME!!!!! THANK YOU PATRIOTS FOR PROVING MY POINT.

  77. Thepointman

    Thepointman10 წუთის წინ

    WOJ is usually wrong. He said the Pelicans got a haul from the Lakers. How is that working out?

  78. Brandon Webb

    Brandon Webb10 წუთის წინ

    Did the Lakers not start the decade by repeating as NBA champions?

  79. Marc Mazza

    Marc Mazza10 წუთის წინ

    When he retires the game of basketball he'll be the most highest whatever record no one will ever break that!

  80. SuperJohn12354

    SuperJohn1235410 წუთის წინ

    What year was Eli the best QB in the league, what year was he the second best QB in the league, what year was he the thrid best QB in the league? if your never in the top 4 of your position are you really a HOF'er , did he win the super bowls or did the defence , be honest

  81. oo t

    oo t11 წუთის წინ


  82. Marcie The Half Sausage

    Marcie The Half Sausage11 წუთის წინ

    Shut up Molly


    RYAN RAMROOP11 წუთის წინ

    Lamar is the real BLACK DYNAMITE

  84. Derek Kaufusi

    Derek Kaufusi11 წუთის წინ

    I think his deal is 7yrs $350Million.....

  85. Jake Russell

    Jake Russell11 წუთის წინ

    Anyone think Le'Veon Bell will join the PBA tour?

  86. Kyle Smith

    Kyle Smith11 წუთის წინ

    The intent doesn't matter. They've been in trouble for this before and they filmed the Bengals sideline for 8 minutes. The NFL needs to throw the book at them.

  87. LandonLSE

    LandonLSE11 წუთის წინ

    3:53 that was a squib middle P.S I do understand that they aren’t professionals and the ball is supposed to be held

  88. worken360

    worken36011 წუთის წინ

    Everybody and I mean everybody knows the Patriots the dirtiest organization in all sports even their own fans know it.

  89. Derek Freeman

    Derek Freeman12 წუთის წინ

    I called okc being a good team after the George trade .. they have a decent roster that will only get better

  90. Leo Jr

    Leo Jr12 წუთის წინ

    When Lebron retires I’m done watching The Nba.On me.

  91. J Leww

    J Leww12 წუთის წინ

    They should've drafted Melo in 03'

  92. Michael bell

    Michael bell12 წუთის წინ

    NOBODY wants to tackle Derrick Henry. My personal opinion is the Titans have NFL teams mentally shook and physically beat. GO TITANS!!!!!

  93. dubstepmasta21

    dubstepmasta2112 წუთის წინ

    am i the only one who hates sean payton?

  94. TruthTheBestIKnowIt

    TruthTheBestIKnowIt12 წუთის წინ

    EGT, taking credit for puberty, LOL. I grew 6 inches in one year. Sorry EGT, it happened before you tied to own nature;-)

  95. Max Kellerman

    Max Kellerman12 წუთის წინ

    He’s great no doubt but unstoppable?was literally shut down completely by the raptors

  96. Michael Bishop

    Michael Bishop12 წუთის წინ

    Giannis is a freaking beast. Hes only one i can frankly see giving Anthony davis a hard time. Could you imagine these 2 together

  97. ken frank

    ken frank12 წუთის წინ

    Fat Joe called them Chips correctly. Mark Jackson is a savage, the vision of the SPLASH, he could be the one to save the KNICKS and he single handedly picked the best shooting duo ever. NY make the call. someone make the call. Phone up, coach up, instead of hand down, man down

  98. jesse lovic

    jesse lovic13 წუთის წინ

    Can’t they just DVR the game 🤔

  99. AC2

    AC213 წუთის წინ

    ladies and gentlemen!.......... LEBRON JAMES!

  100. abiodun odeleye

    abiodun odeleye13 წუთის წინ

    Stephen- “he cant throw the football” Fool.....