Rick and Morty Top 10 Episodes

After just three seasons, Rick and Morty is already widely regarded as one of the best animated sitcoms of all time. It's hard to top the series' winning blend of high-concept storytelling, absurd humor and emotionally raw characterization, even if fans are often left waiting for months - or even years - between new installments.

Fortunately, the long drought is over. Season 4 premiered on Sunday, November 10, and we think it's the best season premiere yet. The new season comes as Adult Swim renews Rick and Morty for a whopping 70 more episodes. Co-creator Justin Roiland said that this will allow he and Dan Harmon to start producing new seasons more rapidly and consistently, meaning Season 5 won't take nearly as long to appear.

As we wait for new episodes to air, let's take a look at the 10 episodes from the first three seasons we think are the best Rick and Morty has to offer.

Script by Jesse Schedeen


  1. Top Necropoliz

    Top Necropoliz5 საათის წინ

    Big trouble little sanchez

  2. picvegita

    picvegita18 დღის წინ

    Watching for M Swain, cracked forever!

  3. Isaac Samson

    Isaac Samson24 დღის წინ

    Total Rickall is 🔥🔥🔥. Morty's mindblowers should be on this list.

  4. Demonskygaming TTV YT

    Demonskygaming TTV YT29 დღის წინ

    What would be the best season except season 4

  5. magsud hummatov

    magsud hummatov29 დღის წინ

    My favourite was pickle rick

  6. Richard Garvey

    Richard Garveyთვის წინ

    Wait venture Bros isn't cancelled 🤔

  7. Nick Chilia

    Nick Chiliaთვის წინ

    Bet my fav episode is number 1

  8. Ashman 1104

    Ashman 1104თვის წინ

    Pickle Rick? Yeah, sure

  9. Alessandro Ravina

    Alessandro Ravinaთვის წინ

    Tiny Rick!!!!!!!!

  10. Amzo Tall

    Amzo Tallთვის წინ

    You lose 10 points for missing the Ricklantis Mixup! I have spoken.

  11. David Hall

    David Hallთვის წინ

    #10 should be #1

  12. ThatDudeErv

    ThatDudeErvთვის წინ

    total rickall is actuallly my favorite episode just from a humor perspective. Ricklantis mixup is my second favorite because of the smart writing and interesting plot.

  13. Joey Stella

    Joey Stellaთვის წინ

    Vindicators has the best quips and plot of any episode

  14. Pdubz21

    Pdubz21თვის წინ

    Wasn’t that a “2” @ the end (making the list “top 9” instead of 10) or was it just my own imagination?

  15. rafael rj

    rafael rjთვის წინ

    IGN really don’t know nothing about anything

  16. The Lancer Duo

    The Lancer Duoთვის წინ

    You lost me when I saw ricklantis as number 10

  17. aGladiator Speaks

    aGladiator Speaksთვის წინ

    I think this video is on reverse

  18. Jacob Lackey

    Jacob Lackeyთვის წინ

    Never heard Look On Down From the Bridge get called kickass

  19. Brian Ozuna Cabrera

    Brian Ozuna Cabreraთვის წინ

    You forget "The Rickshank Rickdemption", that's #1.

  20. Arun Krishnamurthy

    Arun Krishnamurthyთვის წინ

    Total Rickcall is funny, but #1?

  21. Lusano Yabalwashi

    Lusano Yabalwashiთვის წინ

    My top 5 are your 6-10.

  22. Joe Car

    Joe Carთვის წინ

    Ricklantis Mixup at number 10 wtf. Should be no 1 for sure

  23. JoseGames X

    JoseGames Xთვის წინ

    The Rickshank Redemption???

  24. Sebasboi1

    Sebasboi1თვის წინ

    Mee6 look like discord mee6

  25. Connor Wilson

    Connor Wilsonთვის წინ

    Why is The Rickshank Rickdemption not on this list

  26. Tom

    Tomთვის წინ

    Wouldn’t really call the show a ‘sitcom’ tbh

  27. Mistah Mann

    Mistah Mannთვის წინ

    This is how I know you guys don't know what you're doing... *#10* should definitely be *#1*

  28. Tim

    Tim19 დღის წინ

    Mistah Mann I dissagree.

  29. Darnarius McQuimberton

    Darnarius McQuimbertonთვის წინ

    Make your own personal list then and put in on youtube 😉

  30. Hrushikesh Gouda

    Hrushikesh Goudaთვის წინ

    Number 1 is written as number 2

  31. BoldtheGold 1

    BoldtheGold 1თვის წინ

    Where’s The Rickshank Redemption?

  32. Abaan Nsaba

    Abaan Nsabaთვის წინ

    A family sitcom????

  33. Princess Rosa

    Princess Rosaთვის წინ

    The Ricklantis Mixup is my favorite and deserved better

  34. Kyle Torres

    Kyle Torresთვის წინ

    Lazy content

  35. Spy Paladin

    Spy Paladinთვის წინ

    So IGN is also copying WatchMojo

  36. Dipper Pines

    Dipper Pinesთვის წინ

    Can you get someone who’s voice and demeanor doesn’t make me want to kill myself

  37. Leon Paelinck

    Leon Paelinckთვის წინ

    I love Total Rickal

  38. Pedro Soares Maia

    Pedro Soares Maiaთვის წინ

    Morty’s mind blowers should be on the top 10

  39. Javohn Tylor

    Javohn Tylorთვის წინ

    What happened to cracked?

  40. Caleb Sevick

    Caleb Sevickთვის წინ

    No idea how Rickshank Redemption didn’t make this list. Might be the best episode.

  41. CrazyIbby

    CrazyIbbyთვის წინ


  42. Mathieu Arsenault

    Mathieu Arsenaultთვის წინ

    Give me that over wedding squanchers any day of the week.

  43. Caleb Sevick

    Caleb Sevickთვის წინ

    Surprised Mortynight Run made this list. Probably my least favorite episode for some reason. Just was never really that entertaining to be past the Fish and Chips part.

  44. Zach Schraufl

    Zach Schrauflთვის წინ

    i missed micheal swane

  45. Luke Sitler

    Luke Sitlerთვის წინ

    Bro I could watch Rickshank Rickdemption all day long, how is it not on this list

  46. Kikreator Lemon

    Kikreator Lemonთვის წინ

    Why there's two number 2's? Like they Cat said, don't ask

  47. Jonah Grignon

    Jonah Grignonთვის წინ

    7:54 "our number one episode..." Title card: #2

  48. James Felipe

    James Felipeთვის წინ

    Ricklantis mixup is #10 should def be top 3. Pickle rick should be ranked better too

  49. Niko Baker

    Niko Bakerთვის წინ

    Tiny riiiiiiiiiiiiick

  50. Peter Brandt

    Peter Brandtთვის წინ

    Ricklantis Mixup at #10!?

  51. Robert and Son

    Robert and Sonთვის წინ

    Why did you not wait until this season was over???

  52. Kenneth Smith

    Kenneth Smithთვის წინ

    Whoa it's ole dude from cracked! I didn't even know he played videogames


    UNDERHILLთვის წინ

    I farted

  54. Mr Morphz

    Mr Morphzთვის წინ

    Season 4 is the worst so far. Change my mind

  55. Da Bossman

    Da Bossmanთვის წინ

    Mr Morphz Season 4 isn’t finished dude💯

  56. Joel speaks politics

    Joel speaks politicsთვის წინ

    Yup... but its still better than no rick and mortu

  57. James W

    James Wთვის წინ

    Agreed :(

  58. LazyTV

    LazyTVთვის წინ

    6:30 was that mouse pointer floating around in the middle of the screen in the original episode?

  59. K RAKESH

    K RAKESHთვის წინ


  60. Johnny Hall

    Johnny Hallთვის წინ

    6:34 I'm sure a lot of the fans were more interested about the show "Ball Fondlers."

  61. Johnny Hall

    Johnny Hallთვის წინ

    4:23 Truer words have never been spoken, Rick.

  62. mazzak

    mazzakთვის წინ

    What's Swaim doing on IGN, acting all.....regular

  63. Akash Dhara

    Akash Dharaთვის წინ

    Total rickall is literally my favorite episode

  64. Lukas Konrad

    Lukas Konradთვის წინ

    Definitely wouldn’t have mortynight run on the top 10

  65. Dipper Pines

    Dipper Pinesთვის წინ

    you’re wrong

  66. Ian Navarro

    Ian Navarroთვის წინ

    I'm sure everyone could agree that the "get schwifty" episode is one of the best. Oooooh yeahhhh, you got to get schwifty!

  67. Dwwaasbanaan M

    Dwwaasbanaan M24 დღის წინ

    Get schwifty

  68. Fernando Shaw321

    Fernando Shaw321თვის წინ

    Ricklantis mixup is way better than #10 should be waaaaaaaaaay higher

  69. Team Kayos

    Team Kayosთვის წინ

    Cracked: after hours FOREVER