Rick And Morty Episode Season 4 Episode 4 Recap

Claw and Hoarder: Special Ricktim's Morty Is An Episode No One Will Forget
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Rick and Morty didn’t come back with a new episode for us last week, but thankfully, this week they definitely did. In one of the craziest episodes yet, Rick and Morty returned for an adventure into the Fantasy genre, with dragons galore. Oh yeah, and there’s a whole story with Jerry and a talking cat that is either very adorable or completely disturbing, we can’t quite decide. But watch out before you read on, there are spoilers ahead!
It all starts in the middle of yet another Rick and Morty outer space adventure. It turns out that the only reason that Morty agreed to accompany Rick this time around was because Rick promised him a dragon in return. When Morty won’t let up about it, Rick relents and the next thing we know a wizard and a dragon show up on The Smith’s doorstep. The dragon quickly becomes bored with Morty’s requests to soar through the skies and winds up taking a liking to Rick… too much of a liking, in fact. When the two accidentally soul-bond, which causes Morty to tear up his original contract with the dragon. When the wizard returns and takes the dragon for punishment, it’s up to Rick, Morty, and Summer to save him.
Meanwhile, Jerry has discovered a cat that can talk, but really doesn’t want to talk about why. When the pair make their way to Florida, things go awry quickly. When it finally comes to finding out who this cat really is, well… you’ll have to watch the video to find out!
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  1. Screen Rant

    Screen Rantთვის წინ

    What was your favorite part of the episode?!

  2. Poopy Snooper

    Poopy Snooperთვის წინ

    Msk prime I can’t sorry

  3. MSK prime

    MSK primeთვის წინ

    Tale me about a cat



    The part that the wizard yells slut dragon

  5. Poopy Snooper

    Poopy Snooperთვის წინ

    Daniel Roberts This cat has a dick stain on his nose if you look close enough, also the reason why he likes Florida is because there’s old people and he’s into old people that’s why Jerry got uncomfortable because that cat jerked offed to pictures of his parents also he’s into young people I think that’s all I can tell you

  6. Agent Smith

    Agent Smithთვის წინ

    Dude. You sound 0% interested in this video. Up the excitment from montone to you know inflection

  7. Kadri Nicola

    Kadri Nicolaსაათის წინ

    Have you seen the Nteflix Series "Don't F ** k With Cats"? It would be traumatized knowing that the cat did the same with humans babies

  8. Susan Yaggey

    Susan Yaggeyდღის წინ

    No comment.

  9. Jeremy Bell

    Jeremy Bell24 დღის წინ

    Slut dragon you sissies...and atter your unwillingness to say something absolutely allowed by GEgos (because, virtue signal?) I'm done. Also, try some inflection, it works wonders on keeping people interested instead of your monotone nonsense.

  10. Go CPNG

    Go CPNG26 დღის წინ

    The Things That Happen On This Show.

  11. Some Random Youtuber

    Some Random Youtuber27 დღის წინ

    The Dragon Is Bell-th-ro-ma!

  12. David Pantsaver

    David Pantsaver29 დღის წინ

    Most boring recap of an episode, ever.

  13. Avery Bell

    Avery Bellთვის წინ

    Could your voice be more monotonous...ugh this could have been good. Get some energy

  14. MSK prime

    MSK primeთვის წინ

    I am sure that the cat is,son of morty and the died one

  15. savage wolf

    savage wolfთვის წინ

    wait what was wrong with the cat??

  16. Riot Zen

    Riot Zenთვის წინ

    That cat is ... its interesting

  17. Chuck Unice

    Chuck Uniceთვის წინ

    Wow. GEgos is Censoring! Let's find a different solution.

  18. calvin

    calvinთვის წინ

    it seems like they have been phoning it in since the begining i see a cancelation coming soon

  19. Theory Translator

    Theory Translatorთვის წინ

    This is why the cat talks, Jerry and the cat when to Florida and their is a news that a Florida man was arrested for downloading torching videos of children being torched and killed and when he got arrested he said that his cat did it and when Rick was what’s in the cat’s brain there were children crying

  20. Sombra

    Sombraთვის წინ

    i had a feeling inspector gadgets played as the cat

  21. brian hutton

    brian huttonთვის წინ

    Game of thrones and dragon heart

  22. Billy Buntin

    Billy Buntinთვის წინ

    This episode was 3million times deeper than this superficial recap.

  23. Crib Cozy

    Crib Cozyთვის წინ

    notice the cat face has a penis on it. lol

  24. Caleb

    Calebთვის წინ

    This was such a waste of time...

  25. Hernan Rovira

    Hernan Roviraთვის წინ

    woooaw (sarcastically)

  26. AND ME

    AND MEთვის წინ

    Lol, the guy mispronounces the dragon’s name then immediately plays the part of the episode when the dragon introduces himself.

  27. tensix tag

    tensix tagთვის წინ

    F U C Game of Thrones. never mention it again. it doesnt exist. got it .

  28. I’m Batman

    I’m Batmanთვის წინ

    I figured the plot and know what the cat did

  29. catastrophe 123

    catastrophe 123თვის წინ

    I bet the talking cat is something truly unexpected or just something gruesome

  30. Kevin Pick

    Kevin Pickთვის წინ

    I love it when the Like / Dislike ratio is disabled. Thanks Screen Rant!

  31. Deandra Bryan

    Deandra Bryanთვის წინ

    Wow this comment section is toxic

  32. ThomSirveaux

    ThomSirveauxთვის წინ

    Way to go, mispronouncing the Dragon's name even though they say it repeatedly throughout the episode you're claiming to "review"

  33. TitanSpree360 LPK

    TitanSpree360 LPKთვის წინ

    Since when is slut a curse?????

  34. Ezekial Steele

    Ezekial Steeleთვის წინ

    So much for original content.. smh.

  35. Mike Mendez

    Mike Mendezთვის წინ

    I haven’t seen this episode yet but I’ve been keeping up with the season. I think it was an excellent recap! Thanks sr

  36. Juhair Akhter

    Juhair Akhterთვის წინ

    That cat was chachi

  37. L337M4573RK

    L337M4573RKთვის წინ

    In regards to the cat, the mind scan reveals a lot. Rick dismisses the cat's purposed "space origin" as a lie right before he views the mind scan. Sounds of marching troops mixed with the screams and cries of the innocent, and both Rick and Jerry's reactions are all we need in order to determine who this cat really is (or was at one point). Enjoy!

  38. Delta

    Deltaთვის წინ

    Comrade Liam Cunningham? I may have to actually watch this show/episode just for him.

  39. Bean Dip

    Bean Dipთვის წინ

    That cat is gonna come back they don’t forshadow like that for nothing

  40. Al

    Alთვის წინ

    6.64m subscribers for this...WOW.

  41. Tatenda Tambo

    Tatenda Tamboთვის წინ

    Slut Dragon Squad, am I right!? Shut up, I know I'm right.

  42. S billings

    S billingsთვის წინ

    The cat is an Eldritch horror, from Florida

  43. Almighty Sosa300

    Almighty Sosa300თვის წინ

    That’s SIR Davos seaworth. He didn’t survive the battle of black water and lose his son just to be Davos seaworth

  44. Archel Escaro

    Archel Escaroთვის წინ

    Balthromaw already told his name and this guy couldn't even get it right. Cmon

  45. Ray Diaz

    Ray Diazთვის წინ


  46. The Navigator

    The Navigatorთვის წინ

    Anyone want to soul bond?

  47. bradley baughman

    bradley baughmanთვის წინ

    God damn it!!!! The voice actor ruined another movie! I really wanted to watch this 😭

  48. AA JK

    AA JKთვის წინ

    Weak Episode unfortunately

  49. Matthew Shepherd

    Matthew Shepherdთვის წინ

    "recap"? Surely you mean, "10 things you missed in Rick and Morty"?

  50. BioPlant

    BioPlantთვის წინ

    Ok screen rant, now your just desperate for views.

  51. Gino Lombre

    Gino Lombreთვის წინ

    Can’t mention Dragon sluts or F-ing a wooly mammoth? Lol

  52. twistedyogert

    twistedyogertთვის წინ

    Rick transformed Morty into a Porsche, so perhaps Rick also used a similar technology to turn someone into a cat.

  53. BlueBenRex

    BlueBenRexთვის წინ

    The Cat Sounds Like Garfield

  54. Ionic457

    Ionic457თვის წინ

    Way to turn of the like/dislikes you shills.

  55. Ray Vanhem

    Ray Vanhemთვის წინ

    They don't know what they have unleashed. and yes that is a dragon avatar. evil smile

  56. that part indeedily

    that part indeedilyთვის წინ

    @Ray Vanhem mmm...no.

  57. Ray Vanhem

    Ray Vanhemთვის წინ

    @that part indeedily would you like to see my cave? XD

  58. that part indeedily

    that part indeedilyთვის წინ

    @Ray Vanhem you dont have to know what it is. That was more for me than you I guess.

  59. Ray Vanhem

    Ray Vanhemთვის წინ

    @that part indeedily dont know what is that.

  60. that part indeedily

    that part indeedilyთვის წინ

    It looks like the 3rd gen mc's digimon tbh.

  61. Muffin Button

    Muffin Buttonთვის წინ

    Ohh wee.

  62. Dark Ideas

    Dark Ideasთვის წინ

    A dragon and his magic pussy.... Cat

  63. Jay Moose

    Jay Mooseთვის წინ

    We will never see the dragon and cat again until some uncreative studio tries to tie up all the loose ends Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland created. They don’t realize that it’s not about that it’s about the story and to move on.

  64. The Unwanted

    The Unwantedთვის წინ

    it sucked

  65. paul Stall

    paul Stallთვის წინ

    Doesn’t sound like you even like the show.

  66. S.R AA

    S.R AAთვის წინ


  67. Christian Aquilina

    Christian Aquilinaთვის წინ

    Is there any universe Jerry grows up without being corrected by rick? what if that horrible memory was enough to give him a backbone for once?

  68. Dem0nflare

    Dem0nflareთვის წინ

    why do i keep watching theses! i only wanted to know what happened in the cats head, not be told ricks reaction.

  69. Zachary Mines

    Zachary Minesთვის წინ


  70. Daniel Rodriguez

    Daniel Rodriguezთვის წინ

    I gave this clip it's first like.