LIFE WITH DOG VS LIFE WITH CAT. Corgi life || Relatable facts by 5-Minute FUN

What's the difference in life with the corgi dog or life with the cat?
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Is any of this sounds relatable to you?
0:11 Hugging the dog vs hugging the cat
0:32 Morning routine with the dog vs morning routine with the cat
1:10 The corgi is out of the shower
1:27 Going out of the house with a dog vs with a cat
1:44 Showing photos of your pets on the work
2:05 The dog knocked the girl off her feet
2:14 The cat scared a girl
2:26 Trying to hug the cat
2:39 When your friends come over they are more interested in your dog or cat than in you
2:57 The corgi wants some food
3:17 Flirting problems
3:50 When your dog ate your shoes
4:00 When your cat played with your cosmetics
4:23 Trying to feed the picky cat
4:40 Grooming the corgi
4:58 Do your pets still your things?
Are you a dog or a cat person? Woof o Meow in the comment!
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    Are you a dog or a cat person? Woof o Meow in the comment!

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